I am a princess responsible for settling circumstances chapter 1



Ah. If only this was someone else’s problem.

My former self was, to give an example, in a deserted classroom or something, from a third party’s perspective I’d have been seen as just a mere passerby.

Even though I was just simply anguished by moe moe.

So sad. No matter how much of a fujoshi soul I carry, moe is a far away thing when becoming an officer.

Ahhー. If I was a ninja in a castle town, I could at least take a peep of the happy shy love of men I don’t know personally. Even the me of now can go moe though.


……with my own family members.

I narrowed my eyes.

In front of my eyes, a love scene of fellow men is unfolding. Not in two dimensions but in three. However, both forms are extremely beautiful. The two people completely entered their own world, while entangling with each other tongues.

And, this couple. Without hiding it, on one side is my older brother. With the position of first prince, that’s right, the next king.

And now, here we are, in the solemn magnificence of a corner in the Royal Castle that my Esfia country can boast of. The people that can read the mood automatically avoid that space to not be in my older brother’s way but, originally, it is a place where people keep coming and going. A corridor. As long as you have the permit, work in the castle, or are a guest, you can use it, since it’s not a restricted passage that only Royalty can go through.

…….I did think it was strange.

Usually, there is more pedestrian traffic. And now I don’t even see a maid or a guard.

The cause was my older brother and his lover’s love scene!


With the fan I held in my hand I made a *pashin* sound. And closed it.

In the corridor, where only the obscene sound of their saliva echoed, that alone had enough effect. Taken aback, the lips of the two lovers separated.


My older brother noticed me and called out my name.

“――brother. It’s wonderful that you get along with Shil-sama. However, you should think about the place to do so”


Don’t come here to flirt oi!

 I want to straight out say that! I want to but, with brother being the First Prince, and I am also a Princess. As per the common sense of a Royalty, let’s wrap up the words in oblate.

The First Princess of Esfia, Octavia. That’s me. Sixteen years old. By the way, my older brother is nineteen years old.

My older brother, Celius the First Prince, wrinkled his eyebrows.

……Damn! He is an ikemen!

With silver hair and light blue eyes. Tall. Elegant appearance, distinct intellect, he is the perfect superman that excels in martial arts too.

It was to be expected that the me of my previous life would go moe moe, he was the first in the seme character popularity ranking after all!

“…….my bad”

Apologized my older brother. Incidentally he is equipped with a dizziness inducing voice.


When I replied so, silence fell.

Awkward. ……it’s so awkward.

Come on, come on, my brother’s lover, Shil-sama, seems to be uncomfortable. Noticing that, my older brother grasped Shil-sama‘s hand. They are so infatuated, right?

Seeming to have gathered courage, Shil-sama opened his mouth.


Shil-sama is an androgynous type ikemen. He wouldn’t be seen as a woman but he has a beautiful face.

From a Baron’s household, after meandering through some complications, he became tied to older brother. A beautiful guy with my brother……don’t become handsome handsome.

――and, he is the protagonist.


“What is it?”

I internally flinched at Shil-sama‘s serious look. Even so, as a rotten royal. The outward skin that I cultivated is thick. I responded while feigning calmness.

“――how do I get to be accepted by Octavia-sama?”


“…….It’s not like I do accept or refuse you. When did I say this exactly? I understand that Shil-sama is my brother’s loved one. Isn’t that plenty enough?”

Shil-sama‘s face warped in sadness.

Originally, Octavia would be the first person to bless their love.

However, I’m different.








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Three novel, one pick


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Here are the novel synopsis!

The witch, who once was called a saint,

Astreya the『The patriotic saint』who protected the country from the Imperial army’s invasion had become an eternally youthful witch, she set up a dwelling in a forest that no one knew of, and to the utmost spent her life without having to do with other people. However one day, encountering an avalanche incident, because of the course of event she ends up saving a youth on the verge of death. Nevertheless after curing the young man she quickly drove him away, and told him to never come ever again but, later on, to thank her the young man carried incredibly tasty meal with him――?
The story of an unskillful witch formerly a saint that concealed her whereabout and of an honest young man.

(I’m really tempted to translate this, it does have 31 chapter + 7 special I think)

I am a princess responsable to settle circumstances


The fujoshi me was reborn in the world of the bl fantasy novel “Nobility of a King” from my previous life. At present, I appear as Esfia country’s first princess Octavia, in the novel.

—now, this is a bl world. Where man x man relationships are justice……That is a huge premise…..! However, due to the memory of my previous life, Octavia’s role is difficult for me to accept.

The reason being that Octavia is a princess necessary to resolve problems that come one after another—! In my vicinity, with my older brother as first on the list, packed with a couple of men. I plan to stick to ikemens (with a man)! This is princess Octavia trying to grope for a marriage of life inside such a place.

I’m the heroine, but I want to hand that role over.


I was reborn as the heroine of a shoujo manga I had read in my previous life. Yay! That’s not it! Out everyone I was reborn as the heroine that I hated. I don’t want to be that girl, I don’t want to stick to men that like such a girl either!
In preparation for the high school immatriculation ceremony, I decided. I will completely avoid the hero, and make the rival character and the hero stick together. Since the High school matriculation, I stealthily watched over the hero and the rival character from the shadow, and saw them grinning and getting along with each other. Even though I was just gazing at them, somehow I am acquaintance and having tea with rival character right now.

(The classic reincarnation, though in an heroine…what, now that I think about it, never actually read one!!)

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The Magician Wants Normality chapter 10

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Black knight-san is a dexterous person.


[ After ten days you’ll be picked to go to Zebrest, then destroy the inner Palace okey♪]


[ …….wa?]


[ Oh right right, your public position would be that of a noble’s concubine and since our country is your guardian then you’ll possess the authority of a head concubine]


The prince-sama’s angelic smile shined more and more while uttering this problematic thing.

……why all of a sudden I am a noble’s head concubine in this situation? Mao-sama?

No, before that?

Destroy the harem……do you intend to make it a foothold for the world subjugation at once?




After the shocking face to face.

For the time being let’s self-introduce what happened so far, incidentally as per my wish in a way or another the white knight was dealt with however.


[ Then, I’d like you to listen to my request as well]


And so it turned out like this.

Uhm, I understood that.

Still, I am supposed to become a criminal?

I’ll have to sink a country ?

That. Clearly execution will be waiting for me right?

The Prince-sama that was able to read the air unleashed another bomb.


[ Aa! It’s fine you know. Because the client and accomplice are Zebrest’s King and Prime minister!]




Do other nation’s kings wish for their own country to decline I wonder?

No, Mao-sama is a Prince……if reversed, is there a country whose Prince is a devil King?


[ The previous generation was too incompetent and the nobles grew conceited and forcefully pushed girls at him]


[ Is closing the inner palace no good?]


[ They tried but it seem that those aristocrat greatly opposed it. Since he still doesn’t have a legitimate wife]


[ Then, poisoning them……]


[ If exposed those nobles will become annoying?]


[ The reason is not that they are hopeless people right]


[ Yup. Because they are not people that are worth concerning over]


I know that I am terrible but the Prince is plenty awful too.

You have similar standpoint, and I guess showing a little bit of an understanding feelings..….is out of the question neh.

That’s a refreshing smile that you got, with not a single fragment of guilty conscience.

Black knight-san is also nodding I wonder if something happened?

Black knight-san that noticed my look opened his mouth with an expressionless face.


[…….if a woman there where to become the queen it would be the end of the country]


The end ! ?


[ I can’t think of myself winning.  It’s a gathering of female beasts]


……..you don’t want to treat them as human being anymore is it?


[ I got Klaus to infiltrate and to wait and see. And he gathered some informations]


[ Gathering information ? By any chance the interception of a while ago……]


[ Uhn, black knight is an expert in this kind of job you know? There’s not only sounds but  picture too.]


It’s all handmade by black knight! So said Mao-sama while looking like he was enjoying himself.

it’s an incredible technology ne, are there tools where you can insert magic?


Wait. Oi, just now what did he say?

Pictures…..like a hidden camera?

That is, eavesdropping and peeping?

It’s a crime right ! ?


[ That’s my job]


[ That’s not something you can  confidently declare right !?]


[ Incidentally, that’s also my hobby]


[ That’s even worse!!!]


Waah-…..as expected from a servant of the demon king.

To magnificently do criminal deed you also put to practical use your hobby .

Your cool atmosphere is being spoiled you know? Come on, look a yourself and fix it.


[ Incidentally it’s possible for me to do detailed report]


* flap * , I was handed over a paper tightly filled with something.

e-to…..eh ……..?


『07.00 Rised with a considerably bad mood. Eight attendant lady in the vicinity』

『07.30 change of clothes red selected for the main dress, thick make-up on the eyelids as usual』

『08.00 breakfast menu: bread, soup and fruit』






If it’s not the active report of a stalker then, what’s this?

Moreover it’s extremely detailed right? Where you at the actual place?


[……a criminal, there’s a stalker here]


[ I just grasped their action and put together detailed information]


[Know the limits. Humans, don’t do things that are unpleasant to themselves !]


At my assertion filled with might Klaus-san slightly tilted his head.


[Not really. If they aren’t able to defend themselves, they are the one that lack ability right?]


[ It’s useless, this person use himself as the criteria! Al-san, Mao-sama please say something to him!


Just a few minute after our encounter, the way I call the prince is already thoroughly settled as Mao-sama.


[ Black knight is skillful that’s why, him having his work as a hobby is just a trivial detail♪]


[ Klaus has been like this since childhood……I always understood his conduct]


Then don’t work! Even though at first it looked plausible!

A long time ago…..I think it’s strange, such a kid!

? Nh……?  『Since childhood』?


[ By any chance, are the three of you childhood friends……?]




[ That’s right]


[ We associated with each other for more than twenty years]


Aah……no one cutted into this oddball trio right……!

Then without being corrected, they quickly grew up, and this is the result……!


[ Did you just thought of something incredibly rude ?]]


[ It’s just your imagination. I only thought of a sad reality ]


[Is that so]


Sensei quitting his work as an imperial court physician and retiring to a village, wasn’t because he got worn out by those weirdo right?

The white knight is a pervert, the prince is a Mao, the black knight is like a criminal.


[Black Knight……If there’s one, there’s 30 right, they will spring up everywhere.]



That’s right, like a certain G creature.

Since they are powerful people their life force must be undoubtedly also strong.




[ Oya……]


[Wha ! ?]


When I unintentionally leaked my real intentions the expressions of the three of them changed.

Oh my, did my thought leaked?

Did they understood the meaning ??

Klaus-san, for the first time your expression changed neh-

It was a trivial thing but it compensated my lost mental state. Of course I won’t apologize.

Oh my, Mao-sama’s angelic smile, is in its top form isn’t it?


[ Un, I am happy that a smart kid like you came♪]




His magical power are so strong that his emotion can be read, was it…..

Eh, did I prematurely raised a death flag?

Will I end up being consigned to oblivion?


[That’s why listen to my request please?]


I have no technique that can oppose his threatening smile.

…….for the time being I’ll nod.

Whatever happens I already don’t know…..?



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The Magician Wants Normality chapter 9

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And for those that don’t know Mao-sama means demon king. I left it as it was cause I thought it sounded better.





The Prince’s outward appearance is that of an Angelic Mao-sama



The Kingdom of Ilfena is endowed with an harbor and abundant harvest. It’s capital is the port city Gartia.

Despite being a small country, it’s an existence that many country can’t ignore.

For one thing the distribution of goods that come from here.

The port is used as intermediary to transport things whitin Ilfena in various places, with particular emphasis it carries out food.

Daily necessity aside, you can’t live without food.

It would be a particularly painful story for the privileged class.

Next let’s pass on the diplomacy.

The many talented people in Ilfena are directly proportional to their strong patriotism.

If something bad were to happen, they would simply expose their concealed fangs.

It they were to grasp some informations that would became a trump card used in negotiation…..where no matter how unreasonable the demand, you have no other choice than accepting.

The ones that challenge it convert and turn under their control, the result is that Ilfena become justice.

And last is their powerful military force.

Ilfena is not a country that put importance to the strength of the military.

The problems are the Black Order and White Order that are under the direct control of the Royal family.

They are elite guards under the direct control of the Royalty, and as the name suggest they are elite that wear black and white uniform respectively.

The treatment for the Imperial guards is an exception, but presently Ilfena’s knights standard uniform is blue.

Its origin is way back in history, from when Gartia was a separate Country.

Originally between Ilfena and Gartia was builded a friendly relation of many years based of the fact that they were neighboring countries.

Royalty and Nobles were deeply connected by marriage, in case they were not blessed with an heir they would welcome a person from the neighboring country, that’s why their relationship was known to be good.

The country crest resembled each others, Ilfena had a white hawk while Gartia a black eagle.

Their people mutually said they were the second hometown of one another. They might have originally been of the same nation.

However two hundred years ago the whole land was dragged into a great war, to keep their defense the two country beared considerable damage.

Even though the great war ended, they judged that their originally small countries if leaved as they were, would’ve been crushed, with the people’s acknowledgement it was decided to unificate with Ilfena.

At that time, it was decided that Ilfena would be the Nation and Gartia its capital city.

Ilfena’s knights wear white, and Gartia’s knights wear black uniform, and for walking as a new country it was changed in blue, but that part still remain as a remnant of the matter.

The Order under the Royalty are the 『White Wings』and the 『Black Wings』.

A group of patriotism chosen based on strength only, where their top priority is the life of their chief. Even aristocrat can’t interfere with them.

They themselves all hold the privilege and ability to make the wish of their chief come true, they are a 『country』worst blade.

 …….The result of their mobilization weren’t severe since the countries that suffered from them were few.

 Although a small country Ilfena was looked up by other nations, and so this is the reason as to why they relatively hold considerable strength.


[…….And so is the country]

[ E-……..that’s amazing]

Currently, I’m in a guest room talking a lecture about Ilfena from Al-san .

Taking different actions Sensei and the knights respectively reported and went to do greetings.

So Al-san is my escort and guard. Umu, thanks for the kind explanation.

[I didn’t expected that when we entered the town around the castle you’ll get to hear this….]

[Iya, but it was bothering me]

 When I entered the town around the castle I accidentally heard this.

『He wasn’t aiming for that was he? He’s so affluent』

Come on, a wealthy country that is targeted is a destruction flag〜 it’s the rule yo.

It has a port and abundant crops, moreover it’s small country, neh?

Let’s put together a princess and a person who is going to become a hero and it’s complete!

 Well….as expected from 『the destruction flag still hasn’t raised right?』I couldn’t tell.

Afterwards, since we were at this point, I received an explanation.

 I see, I wonder if those people survived since they weren’t able to defeat those genius ・strange oddballs.

 Ah〜…..certainly if those weirdo left behind this much achievement then it would just end with a 『these are things that happen often』.

I didn’t thought that the talk would expand to the history background.

 The renmant of the two country are the white knight and black knight. The blue uniform is the universal clothes for knight.

So, it’s a historic elite unit……



You guys, apologize to your ancestors.

[ I think I heard that the knights of the past were similar?]

[I, what am I saying?]

[fufu, I like how we are doing right now]

 You’re uselessly refreshed, oi.

 I unintentionally looked and found him in a smiling state.

 Hmm……this person, he doesn’t show his real self.

You’re not really competent interpersonally are you ?

 I’m not perplexed about the fact that my position is being taken advantage of.

For the sake of inviting me to the Castle the noble and the knight calmly presented themselves when I was still in the village.

 Absolutely no mercy against the enemy.

……regarding this I am the same I think?

If not, I wouldn’t be able to live would I?

[May I ask you something?]

[Hai, suit yourself]

[Are you…..able to kill a person?]


 Al-san, you’re so skillfull. My eyes aren’t laughing you know?

[You can kill, without a doubt]

[You think so? But I didn’t kill those attackers?]

[ You 『didn’t kill』or it’s better to say『it wasn’t needed』 I think]


[I mean, it was pointless right? Besides…..]

 A *kyin*…….sound was heard along with the draw of a long freezed object.

 Together with a smile the edge of the ice made its appearance near Al-san’s neck.

 [I『knew』of the dangerousness of chantless magic. Even in the case Sensei was there, 『I understood』that his healing magic wouldn’t make it in time. About those two conditions that I said just now, would you give it a thought please?]

[ Is it agreeable to speak?]

[ It’s useless, there’s no meaning in concealing something in front of a person that already realized it. I『chose for myself』understood?]

 After informing him I dissolved the ice and Al-san joyfully laughed.

…….crap, did the play just now contain a moe factor !?

[ I’m so happy! You truly are a person that exceed expectations. …….I absolutely won’t give up]

O – i, Al – san!

  Well, he’s not listening to the conversation at all is he?

Also, that last line wasn’t needed?

[……that’s all. Your Highness, now do you believe that compared to what I told you she went beyond what I esteemed?]

[……? Your Highness??]

[It’s His Highness Elson. ……I’m truly sorry, Mizuki. We tested you out.]

 Tested who…..Apart from us nobody is in this room.

 By any chance, interception? There’s interception in this world? It’s possible !?

  I was just being tested without a warning !?

[Of course, Al. …..nice to meet you, magician-dono of another world?]

As he said so, a person followed by a black knight entered the room.

This person is His Highness. So is the black knight a leader like Al-san?

  Oh, I didn’t expect to have the perfect incarnation of a prince in front of my eyes!

  Gentle wavy golden hair and blue eyes, with a beautiful face that can be mistaken as a woman……when he was younger he must really has looked like an angel right!

E-e,with the coloring and appearance of an angel.


Ouji-sama, even though your just smiling I wonder why do you feel so intimidating……?

uh huh, if a child were to look at you he’ll cry. How to say it, your atmosphere is scary.

“It’s all right” said Al-san while stroking my head…. isn’t it strange for the word “all right” to appear here to begin with!?

It’s not like he didn’t notice my tension right!?

Doesn’t this feel like something dangerous!?

[……Your Highness, hold back a little please]

[Ah, sorry. I was unconsciously having fun]

[Having fun…..?]

That thing that was suppressing me was magic or something?

Black knight-san, thank you for the consideration. Your Highness, that was having fun….?

[For something this cute to be able to become this scary]

[My thoughts exactly! And that’s what scares me!]

[Uhn♪ this way I proved that you have sufficent capabilities]

[Bully-y !! You’re a devil, no, a demon king! ]

He was having fun from the very beginning right!

Lese majeste? Who the hell would know, about such a thing!

 Oh, His Highness suppressed chuckle, his smile is deepening more and more.

 E, in my remark just now which part of it was amusing!?

[uh huh, to be called demon king]


[My magical power is too high, you know? I can’t use normal magic because it puts a dangerous burden on my body, but… It seems like containing it gives off an intimidating feeling.]


A real Mao-sama has come.

With the outward appearance of an angel, how novel.

Are there no horns or wings?

Would you conquer the world after I return home please?

[ Therefore with great pains, I use it for various things.]

I mean, isn’t it fun?

  To add one thing to another, it’s not my imagination what I seem to have heard right?

It’s not just his magical power….this person, his content are that of a demon king too.

Waa……as expected of Ilfena, the oddballs producing center.

  From what I heard from sensei heard from sensei he is a patriot to the max…..but normally he is a diabolik prince right!

 Since thinking is a freedom I think I’ll scream in my mind.

Heroo!! Person with the attribute ・Hero, where are youuuu!!

The last boss is here, it’s your turnnnn!!!


Eh……I, do I have to look after this person?

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The Magician Wants Normality chapter 8


Chapter 8

   Let’s cook

A blue sky, and a vast plain.

A knight that rides on a horse is so much of a gallant figure that I reflexively stopped my feet to look at him.

…….If there were actually people ne .

Currently, we’re on a journey directed to the Castle.

Once I got back to Ragus village to collect my luggage, I felt like I was departing again.

Everyone in the village was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I’ll be going to the Castle.

Saying, in a border village you can’t get sufficient information, and it’s dangerous, etc.

I am deeply grateful to everyone that was anxious for me, while modestly receiving the reward from the Castle—– that Dark squadron’s  head seemed to be the prize—- I handed all of them over.

In case something were to happen you’ll need money right?

In fact, in a self-sufficient village, money is not used much, so there’s no need to store it.


Still, if something at some point were to happen, I have money. There’s no loss in having it.

Or so everyone said with exaggerated emotions and I was silenced.

It’s okay, everyone. When I arrived from a different world it was thanks to you all that I was able to keep living.

If something happens in the future then I would like to repay this favor.

……well, there is something that those white knights have misunderstood though.

『We won’t let you feel discomfort, you can rest assured!』

And so, there was a complicated atmosphere here.

Oi, what are you doing in this deeply moving scene.

After that I collected the little baggage I had and left the village.

Iya, my luggage turned out to be quite the amount. Mainly food for the journey though.

As a farewell gift I received dried meat and honey—– sugar is precious it seems. However, it’s not something that is only high priced and that you can’t obtain—- all seasoning materials too.

Salt • sugar • pepper are this world’s standard seasonings, but I’ll really appreciate other seasonings too.

Well, the herbs here are easy to obtain thanks to the environment.

Thus I am currently going on a journey.

[ Sensei, after how many days will we arrive?]

[ Hmm, at this rate after two more days.]

While gazing at the setting sun, I asked sensei who was next to me, and he returned an immediate answer.

Yeah, I am awfully free.  There’s nothing in the surroundings too.

Today’s 『Work preparations』are over.

Currently, I, Sensei, and the knights are being shaken in the carriage. 『If you don’t get used to travelling then it’s bad!』Or so it’s said, but I applied gravity magic to soften the mat so now it’s comfortable.

It goes without saying that Sensei, and the knights and surprised expressions on their faces but I disregarded it. If I were to give them an explanation then 『The world has something called gravity~』I’ll have to begin from this first. Generally, it’s impossible.

Since that mat was laid on the luggage part of the carriage, when it’s time to sleep it’s naturally comfortable.

I am truly sorry for the knight’s situation. Everyone, laughed it off and told me not to mind though.


I was feeling really guilty so I asked to be in charge of the meal. With the strong backing of sensei I got the job.

Actually that was for personal reasons.

Even though they have the ingredients. For some reason, this world’s cooking methods are only on a basic level.

Even though yeast bread exists, they don’t put anything inside the plain bread,and the cooking method is basically grill and boil.

……I never thought that there would be bread but no sandwich.

The bread is eaten with hands only…..It seems, bread itself is thought of as an already finished dish.

The way to eat bread is one thing. But the same applies to the other dishes. The cooking variation is awfully scarce.

It seems like the rule of ‘the transmigrated peoples from other worlds techniques= best’ wasn’t completely used.

Sensei was deeply moved when I cooked something in exchange for me freeloading at his house

It was just a salad dressed with peperoncino though……

From there he talked about cooking, and I received a shock from knowing about this reality.

Oioi, until now you didn’t ever summon a chef !?

[ Soon we’ll have to make preparation for camping. Mizuki, I’m sorry but…..]

[ Hai hai, I’ll make preparations as soon as we stop.]

That’s why I’m thinking of starting today’s dinner preparations.

For some reason the knights look to be happy.

Ahem……you guys are aristocrats right?

Is it all right to anticipate like this a commoner eating habit ??

[ It’s delicious!]

[ I would like to welcome you at our house as a cook]

[ Haa……it’s good if you’re pleased]

Other then that what else? In this situation.

Today’s menu content is vegetable soup and a voluminous sandwich.

A simple menu that anyone can make, I am truly sorry.

The contents of the sandwich consist of thin slices of grilled meat, onion and lettuce, seasoned with mayonnaise, salt and pepper. At best let’s mince the meat and then make a hamburger. When we reach the Castle shall I borrow the kitchen and make them?

In the vegetable soup I put in small pieces of dried chicken ham and cooked it together. (TN: for ignorant like me that don’t know what this bird ham is http://justbento.com/handbook/johbisai/torihamu-homemade-chicken-ham)

Bird’s ham and chicken meat smeared with salt, honey (sugar) and pepper which you’re familiar with, and if possible put it in an empty pack and leave it as it is in the refrigerator, after two days pass lightly boil it and you’ll have prepared a simple dish. It’s delicious you know!

The meat was already seasoned, so in this case it’s enough to just cook it together with vegetable since it still has its seasoning on.

I used reduction time magic so I cooked for a family in a short amount of time.

It seem like this magic is originally used in plant cultivation. Incidentally this world’s vegetation isn’t recognized as a living thing. Plants are just plants.

About this magic, being used on living beings with the exception of vegetation……I was worried, but the usage was restricted 『The use on living creature is prohibited』there were rumors about the fact that it has no effect on living things.

Well, if you grow the plants all in one go, once you cut its body it will die.  Great, Ancient people.

By the way my 『state preservation』and 『reduction time』are special magics that I can use solely if I imagine the state I know will happen『no matter the result』.

Plainly speaking this is knowledge from movies and dramas of my original world.

According to sensei 『if those people were of this world they would’ve been matchless geniuses 』it seems. Certainly, being able to understand the effect of magic is important so it may be the best reference book.

Well if you can’t image then the magic will end up misfiring to people that are here.

[Stopping the time and maintaining the current conditions…….]


[ What kind of thing is time?]


[ …… ( explaining it is hard)]

What kind of situation is there? It doesn’t even have a definite shape so giving an explanation is difficult.

No, I’m digressing. I was currently talking about cooking.

Ah, how do you carry fresh meat I wonder?

Look like there’s a box tightly shut that maintains the conditions with the cast of a weak cooling magic, so there’s no problem at all.

If there’s no electricity then magic is put to use, it’s wonderful ne!

The principal bread is the white bread type and I just have to bake it because I already did the dough beforehand. Rather than baking I am currently just raising the surrounding temperature uniformly like an oven.

When I was broadening the view regarding bread’s type in the village, on top of that while pretending to do preliminaries I made a lot of it, and discovered that it was possible to reduce the time to bake them by several loaves. Magic, how wonderful ! It’s even more convenient than in my original world!

Right now they are all calmly eating without showing resistance, though at the beginning they were all bewildered except me and sensei.

Maa, when Sensei cheerfully began to eat, the others started to move their hands too.

From that moment started the elucidation about this world eating conditions.

It you suck then there’s the possibility that the people of the border will have a fulfilling eating habit, that I was thinking about this, is a secret.

……you’re so delighted that at this point I can’t bring myself to say 『apart from the fact that when it was stored in the house I used state preservation magic it’s a handmade dish』right. I didn’t think that it would shut the mouth of a noble.

Sensei, please don’t say anything. You’re the only one that noticed it.

Knights yo, you cooperated in making the bread dough so in exchange,you can eat a lot.

Before departing I exaggerated in making bread dough and produced a large quantity……I didn’t reflect on it.

[ It’s really delicious, Gordon-dono got to it this everyday……]

[ I was freeloading at his house. This was the least I could do to repay him]

[ What is this seasoning? It has a curious taste]

[ Are you talking about mayonnaise?]

[ Muaynezu? Is that what it’s called? I would like to know how it’s made……]


[ It’s im……eh, it’s okay !?]

I guess it’s impossible, is what you were going to say?

Well, I don’t mind, as expected from mayonnaise? Anyone can make it if looking at the recipe.

The eyes of the knights were all sparkling, I guess it’s better to write it down for everyone.

……Nh? Knights do you want it as well?

That, is such an amazing thing ?

[ Mizuki, do you know about the fact that they are nobles?]


[ If they don’t know about this thing then it means that it doesn’t exist in this world. In other words, I’m saying that it’s better if you remember that it’s something of worth that even a nobleman desires.]

I see. It’s a situation where for me it’s an ordinary thing but in this world it has ridiculous worth.

You’re amazing, mayonnaise. If it’s served on a nobleman’s dining table it’s possible to equal it to a high class seasoning.

But even if it’s like this, I don’t feel like monopolizing it.

[ Ano, I’d like that recipe to spread among the civilians]

[ To the civilians? Of course I don’t mind. If they have all the ingredients then I want everyone to savor this]

[ Thank you very much!]

Excellent answer, Duke’s third son.

I got your word, you won’t say that you forgot right?

[ But, why?]

[ This way a new dish may be born somewhere right!]

[ Ah, I see. Dining  circumstances differ according to class and location.]

Yes, it’s exactly that!

Whenever the common people think it’s delicious then it’s delicious. Watching you guys convinced me!

Nobles that applaud with great ovation towards a commoner’s dish, what a sublime spectacle !! It’ll be hilarious right ♪

…….as expected I can’t say this, so I resumed eating in a good mood.

And then a problem appeared.

[ Mizuki, did you make something else too ?]



Sensei, you had to say it with this timing? As I thought you did saw it !

Everyone’s eyes began to sparkle, don’t have so much expectations- ! !


……I’m sorry, I lost to sensei’s silent pressure.

I have no other choice but to spill the beans, quickly.

In front of everyone’s eyes I took out crepes for dessert ( with custard inside) I thought 『what to do if I am questioned about this too ?』

Because you know?

In any case you won’t be able to understand  custard and crepes if not with a  demonstration?

Well,  for the sake of the crepes shall I turn over the nobles’ houses….?


ED: Higureryu 

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The Magician Wants Normality Extra 2

Extra2  • Talks of a certain village girl



He was a really dreamy knight-sama.

With gold colored hair and white clothes that made him skillfully shine.

His green eyes were also very beautiful.

From everyone’s rumors he was just like the prince that appeared in fairytales.

That’s right, like in a  “ fairytale”. But I am only a reader.


That’s why I think I gave up on my love.


That day the weather was good.

Although scary things happened, in a few days it got better.

Like that, I was amazed but glad that the state of village hasn’t changed.

And it was all thanks to the two people who came from the neighboring village.

Gordon-sensei regularly looks after the surroundings of our village, he is a really gentle sensei.

『 the sooner the injury is healed the better 』

And he always uses healing magic free of charge.

I heard that some doctors that can use healing magic wouldn’t get out of their work to just come to a village.

Absolutely no compensation or money needed, none.

I heard that this time that sensei brought with him another person.

I was looking forward to it…..when a terrible thing happened.

The assailants seemed to be an assassin whose aim was a sir knight that came to our village several days ago.

The only thing a woman like me can do is to run away.

My uncle that shielded me was injured, and when I was at a loss as to what to do, sensei arrived.

The surprising thing was that not only those guys, but the knights were also tied up.

When I asked sensei, he said that it was the magician that accompanied him who defeated them.

…….I doubted my ears.

I mean, no matter how you looked at it the magician-sama was of the same age as me or even younger.

A petite and black haired with big eyes of the same color magician-sama…..is she a noblewoman? I silently thought.

Although she’s beautiful, she’s very strong.

Even as the knights that apologized were being moderately lectured by her, the village chief-san was swooning and muttering something about lese majeste.

What the magician-sama was saying was a little too extreme…..I admired her, at the same time, I thought she was way terrifying.

Still, I believed that she’ll protect us so like this I went to sleep without fearing the darkness of the night.

She was angry like that for our sake, she’s a kind person.

And one day after several days passed, the white knights came next.

It was because Sensei reported to the Castle.

It looked like the two of them were discussing something.

With those wonderful knight-samas here it was unlikely for the women to not make noise.

One way or another some young woman tried to talk to them, but overall it was closed with just the standard greetings.

But just one person.

The granddaughter of the village chief popular for her beauty was acting conceited, I heard that she was excessively cold to whoever tried to approach the knight that she liked.

If he works at the Castle then it’s impossible for a countryside girl to become his partner, but if a beautiful princess were to be the partner then I think that I will give up……

Nevertheless, the knight-sama in question, happily laughing said.

“I’m considering that black-haired magician-dono”

It probably wasn’t just a lie with the purpose of distancing the gathered girls.

At that remark, she got indignant and thinking that it wasn’t true, she spoke ill things about magician-sama.

”She just has magical power, so why that sort of woman! She look like a dreadful witch “

At that moment, the smile on the knight-sama’s face disappeared.

Instinctively everyone sunk into silence, and the blond-haired knight-sama looked at the girl with very cold eyes.

“ She doesn’t backbite someone like you do. Are you saying so despite your position?”

” If she didn’t do it then who would’ve be able to? How many people would have survived? You really should stop It, it’s shameless.”

”If you insult her, more than this……I’ll punish you with the aristocrat authority I carry”

He was a kind person. I mean, I thought he was a kind person.

But, I realized that the kindness that we faced was through the magician-sama.

Because the magician-sama protected us.

That person would hate it if someone were to die.

He treated us kindly because of her, I clearly understood.

Because, The knight-sama’s gentle wordings and smile…..all turn into “ the genuine thing” when he faced the magician-sama.

If you see that for yourself I think not realizing it would be impossible.

There were no girls that clung to the knight anymore.

In the end, at the moment they were leaving the village…..looking like he was really having fun that knight-sama was embracing magician-sama.

The magician-sama looked annoyed, but she didn’t shake him off.

The journey ahead looked full of difficulties, but please do your best—- when I was having such thoughts while gazing at them, the knight-sama turned his eyes on me and smiled gently.

It was different from the smile he faced the magician-sama, but it was without a doubt a true smile.

Please, knight-sama……please protect magician-sama.

And If possible, please be happy——-  

TN: Naoriel and Decadere

ED: Higureryu

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The Magician Wants Normality Extra 1

Extra1・ Talks of a village doctor

“I am not a person of this world…..would it be agreeable to say that I am from a different world?”

I was picked up in the forest somewhat like a lost child; I oozed out confusion, or so I was told.

I tried to maintain my calm as much as possible when I found an occupation, and tried to hold down and conceal my curiosity.

I resided in a village called Ragus. Here the information about the “World travellers ” that was handed down was very interesting.

『Different worlds』

『Technologies that this world can’t even imagine』

『Even the magic that they produce』

Of course I didn’t assume that everything was accurate. Because it was information handed down as a tradition, it was a bit exaggerated.

However, it was clear that it was not just a fairytale.

For this reason I am thankful for this encounter.

The girl is called Mizuki. A beautiful girl with long black hair and big eyes.

The still in her teens girl, without being disturbed, indifferently tried to grasp her situation.

And as I expected she took out advanced techniques, are the people in other world all intelligent I wonder?

Sometimes she display an anxious behavior, but her figure that greedily seeks to obtain knowledge for the sake of living, is very likable.

I am a doctor.

Due to the nature of my occupation, I saw many people cling onto  “life”.

Many patients all of a sudden asked to be visited and I sighed at my own bad luck, even though they struggled desperately, there were many that gave up in the end.

An injury can be cured with healing magic, but people tend to give up if it’s an illness.

If you were a noble then you can make use of expensive medicine, but if you are a commoner then there are many things you can’t handle.

With these kind of circumstances, generally the hopeless patients cry, become distracted and then give up.

However, she is different. She neither despaired nor gave up.

Despite hearing that a way to return to her world still wasn’t found, she didn’t look concerned.

The fact that she came from a world without magic is indeed really interesting.

Iya, despite people holding magical power, theirs is a world without magic.

At first I thought she couldn’t use magic, I was astonished when she showed me her peculiar way of thinking as she splendidly mastered magic.

……to successfully learn magic, she destroyed the general concept of magic itself!

If announced at an academic conference she will become the center of attention of many magicians right?

This achievement is enough to leave a name in history.

Nevertheless, in fact it is also extremely dangerous.

If the damage of uncontrolled magic is bad, for one thing the country could be blown away.

But are there people that can use magic without chanting the spell?

The fools that yearn for strength will suffer the consequences by self-destructing themselves, but for those people alone is an impossible fit.

From the first time you say ” I mastered magic” one is responsible for their own actions.

So in a sense, perhaps sorcerers are really magicians.

A magician from a different world. Nothing but a pitiful girl from another world that doesn’t have the means to live.

I hope to be a good adviser for you.

At least so that you won’t come to regret it even a little bit, I will advise you regarding the knowledge of this world.

Since you’ll inevitably give “something” to this world.

 You will not grow callous enough to think that there is no other way.

Like a reader, I, more than anyone else am anticipating the story you tell.

Let your new knowledge with abundant surprises paint over the story and conclude it with happiness.

Without fail, I’ll be your ally.

So you who was swept into another world can be happy despite your unfortunate situation, this is the only atonement I can offer you.







TN: Naoriel and Decadere

ED: Higureryu


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The Magician Wants Normality chapter 7


Chapter 7

Let’s go to the Castle, and meet the owner


The next day, the beautiful white knight-sama started to spatter nonsense while smiling.

As usual his beauty is wasted on him, but he look good in his white knight uniform!

Even with the background scenery that matched with him! So please hurry up and go back to the Castle.

[ Would you like to go out with me with the premise of marriage please]


Even though I shouldn’t have made a mistake, while revealing distrust I told him to repeat himself.

Ahem, will someone explain please ?

But, first of all.

[ I refuse ♪]

Let’s clearly show our intentions.

…….so let go of my hands, and don’t stare at me. It’s irritating.

That’s why I want to escape from reality.

Iyaiya, it’s strange isn’t it ?

My first encounter with him was just yesterday, flags should not be ignored.

Is it perhaps a mission? That’s serious.

In the end, it appears that life has offered me this person.

Like this to sensei I said ——- I gave up on seeking an explanation from Al-san——–and he gave me an unfortunate explanation.

I felt like it was itemized.

・Argento has the “I feel pleasure if someone stronger than myself gives me pain” inclination. (a.k. a. Masochism)

・Because of yesterday’s use of violence,he now has the conviction that I am his ideal woman (= sacrifice).

・ For the blow that was powerful enough to blow me away, I applaud with great ovation! Come my bride♪

・To the decided sacrifice, my condolences.



It’s a lie, right ?

Wait, because of that, the love flag has been raised? It raised !?

Honestly where did I even carry out the popularity rising event  !?

It can’t be that I have the disposition to progress the popularity event and striking it in one go at MAX level !?

This development went beyond novel, oi.

Ah……you can’t count on the common sense of an otome game……!

As expected, contrary to assumptions, experiencing it as a living human being is different.

I didn’t think that the existence of beauty was part of this unique setting.

Everyone in the white knights are all alike, disappointing people but with excellent faces!

hehe……let’s run away.

That’s right, let’s do it. It’s okay, now I am able to live wherever I want.

Now, I just have to go back home and put in order my few packages!

[ I won’t let you escape you know?]

[ Please don’t read other people’s hearts]

[ It’s the first thing I thought too. No matter what don’t give up]

Well, I guess so. Moe face, personality and status, only what is this ferociousness.

Apparently they say that heaven, bestows you two gift and three at most, no doubt they were really motivated.

But how unfortunate it is a minus, though you are doing well in society ne.

Becoming the wife of some pervert with ED, I absolutely refuse to, I won’t give up.

[ Oi……come here for a bit]

Ara, the knights are beckoning to me. I mean, you were here too, you guys

I toddled near them and for some reason they had serious expressions on their faces.

Now that I look closely, you guys have well arranged faces, moreover you resemble each other.

That’s why I answered them with a frown on my face.

[ We are twins. Because we are dizygotic we don’t look alike]

[ But before birth you were lumped together……]

[ Don’t say that we were lumped! Do you enjoy teasing us!?]

[At the moment that normal reaction make me feel at ease]

「「……。Ah, for that reason 」」

Thank goodness, these knights are normal people.

If all the knight members are like this, I’m seriously gonna cry.

So, shall we come to the real issue at hand?

[ That guy is the third son of a Duke, he has power and influence in various places, and people that aim for a connection with him will cooperate, actually there’s a bunch those guys. I believe you are better not thinking about escaping]

[Why is that ? Both my social position and power cannot be an obstacle to it ? To what other country should I escape……]

[What are you going to do about the passport? You won’t be able to cross the State border right? ……I think the outcome is going to lead to despair ]

The world traveler not being able to get a passport is not his fault, it is because of the pressure of the people on the top right……..!

Hah, if I were to become an enemy will you not forgive me?

I must not die, I don’t have to die.

But if I don’t do something I’ll be swallowed by their authority and then my job will become  “ The fiancé of the third son of a Duke”.

I’m a magician, you know. I have no interest in status and fame, my specialty is working hard you know!

[ ……there may be a way to conclude this peacefully ]

[ Eh! Sensei, you should’ve said so earlier]

[ That way is plenty troublesome you know. You have to get His Highness Elson to personally persuade him]

*Zu zazazazz !*

The knights drawn back all at once. Eh, what’s what’s with that reaction. Is he that scary ?

[ Impossible! Absolutely impossible! Please don’t, it’s better to just run away!]

[ Once you come in contact with his true character you’re Out. Don’t do such a dangerous gamble!]

[ Ah~…….. as expected he grew up and remained as he was]

Sensei seemed to have guessed it by the knights teary eyed condition.

O-i, leaving me behind is not correct you know.

[He is dreadfully clever and full of patriotism……err, consequently on occasions that cleverness became a heartless nature, and so I mean he has no mercy that is]

Sensei seemed to have difficulty in choosing what words to say. I wonder why he tried to wrap it in flowery words

[ Because he is the chief of the white knights, instead of the reward there is the possibility of getting him to help]

[ Reward?]

[ He is a man that rules with the principle of supremacy, I have to recognize that it has its merit for their excellent guardianship]

I see. If I can get that Prince’s protection, my safety will be guaranteed ne.

Furthermore, what kind of person could antagonize the seldom frightened knights to the point of not opposing him?

I wonder what he did…..it shouldn’t be something like power skill.

[ Argento is a childhood friend of his, but he is not someone to show partiality because of it. Once he opens his mouth, the promise will be kept without fail.]

Somehow I feel like I’ll be bound by some strict terms, but it looks like a solution with more certainty than that of escaping.

It might be good to meet him here once for the sake of my future.

[ I understand. For this time I’ll rely on that person]

[ I see, then I also want to sa-[You resolved yourself ! I’m moved!]]

Sensei’s word were interrupted by a lively voice, I turned his arm on his back.

That action was dictated by my conditional reflex of course…….

[ Don’t come near me!!]

A *Doh*! sound could be heard by the powerful blow received in the abdomen. This is legitimate defense, I am not the bad one!


Far from suffering, he revealed a strange happy expression, making me realize that I made a mistake.

I screwed up! This guy felt good!!

Furthermore without doing anything I used magic on a conditioned reflex, it’ll be bad if I were to be reported right!?

[ a……as……expected……it’s excellent……!]

『Just what, what is』

The sound of everyone’s heart without doubt hammered . It was a normal reaction.

…..Oya~a? Look like the fact that I didn’t even use my finger in place of chanting hasn’t been exposed.

Thank goodness♪ continue in your not noticing it !

……not that.

I-yaaaa-a-a!!! The favorably rating increased!?

This guy is pleased what to do, Mizuki! I should have used my brain I am so stupid!

Learning ability of mine, please win against my conditioned reflexes!!

That’s…..that’s right, where did that competitive girl go, Yesterday wasn’t she completely charmed by ‘that’

Come on, village girl! Now is your chance! If you put salt on his wound he may feel good!

Ah, before I have to injure him otherwise it’s impossible. Chii !

[ A~……let’s do the preparations for your journey to the Castle, for the time being]

*Pon*, said Sensei while patting my shoulder.

That’s right, now that’s what is important. Let’s ignore that creature that is rolling around.

Knights yo, to face me with that lukewarm look, stop it.

TN: Naoriel & Decadere 

ED: Higureryu 

Naoriel’s little corner •°○●□°°

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The Magician Wants Normality chapter 6


Chapter 6

The Knights in White Finally Arrived

[ And so, I would like you to come to the Castle at once….]

A very beautiful oniisan, with light blonde hair and green eyes said to sensei and I.

I’m a kid that can read the atmosphere, and right now there’s not the mood to turn him down. If I was an ojousama that want to raise a love flag, then, inside my heart a guts pose would have taken place.

[I don’t want to♪]

Being honest with myself, I want to break that flag.

So I said that to him with a smile♪

….who would go to that kind of place, such a pain.


In the end, because of the attack on Genoa village, Sensei and I inevitably had to stay a few days there.

Sensei informed the Castle of the situation that occurred, via a friend that resided in the village, since there is no transition street that could connect a remote village to the front gate.

A letter come from the other side.

『I have a meeting, so until then watch over it please! Do your best♪』(liberal translation)

Because the letter said that, we had to stay here for a while.

Certainly, making us look after those guys in the village is harsh.

……on the contrary, at the decision of my sojourn here those guys were crying. Do your best on what??

Next, let’s move to the explanation of the gate.

It seems like for the method to maintain the transition gate, magic is indispensable but the people that can use it are few in number. To put it plainly, this is the reason as to why manastones are pretty valuable sources.

In the needed moment if 《 Error • the designated transfer method isn’t functioning 》pops up, you can tell that it’s trouble.

Naturally, security guards are necessary for the sake of them not being abused, and this entirely is for the State to manage. Obviously they don’t usually open the gate to the public.

To use it, you have to take out the authorization given by the State (the ones that have them are mostly aristocrats), otherwise, it seems that it is possible if you are a merchant of the Castle. Nevertheless, the procedure is a pain. that’s why defense is thoroughly done.

Oh, there is a thirty centimeter wide square on a side of the letter? It seems like they drew a simplified version of the transfer method  ( Owned by Sensei) .

The simplified version is only packed with the necessary amount of magical power needed at the time “the transfer method can’t send if on the other side there’s no correspondence” and “ there is a capacity limit “ and is only capable of exchanging letters with each other.

This being said it’s quite expensive, why did a  doctor from a little village have this I wonder.

Huh? I don’t mind at all, that’s right. Definitely.

Flags are my enemies, carelessly showing interest is no good!

In conclusion this is what happened at the beginning.

I went to pick up the oniisans in white knight uniforms.

Aree, the ones in blue uniforms were just knight apprentices ??

[ Doctor Gordon, it’s been long time]

[As I thought, you are the one that came]

[ Yes, I came under the direct order of his Highness ]

When he said that his smile deepened and he elegantly bowed.

Waah, he has the ideal appearance of a knight, young ladies!

If he didn’t have this face I would have laughed at him, those guys that came to pick up their pals won’t suddenly go “ Please Save us!” right.

Ooh, the cheeks of the village Ladies are turning red!

Please let me continue watching for where the love flag will rise.

[By the way, the person over there is the magician-dono?] ( TN: for those that don’t know~ that -dono is a super polite form of address, usually means Mr? I think?)

[ Um. Mizuki, he is Argento……uh, an acquaintance of mine, the person responsible for this case]

Facing me, he smiled and briefly bowed.

What? The heck, is with that magician-dono. As expected, various information has been reported…..


…….this person that Sensei just introduced to me, makes me want to flee, in various meanings.

He is a noble right? He is in a high position right? It’s okay if I put my guard up right?

I don’t think that an acquaintance of a not so ordinary village doctor would really be a normal person.

[ I’m called Argento. Please, call me Al. Gordon-dono greatly looked after me when I was in my apprentice period.]

[ Apprentice period? Looked after??]

[ Gordon-dono provided his services in the Castle. He was well-known as the best physician of the country]

[ ……he~e]

Indeed, as I thought, he was a court physician. This is a promising development!

And it came as a matter of course…….

[ For this time’s circumstance, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. And so, I would like you to come to the Castle at once……]

Still, oniisan.

[ I don’t want to♪]

I haven’t introduced myself to you yet, and the reason as to why I haven’t, can’t you guess it ?

Being lured by your beauty and then jumping into a den of flags, wouldn’t this be suicide?


[ Please give up]

[ I • don’t • want • to ]

[ We’ll treat you well ?]

[ I am satisfied with my life at the village, peace is the best]

[ If it’s nobles or knights that you are interested in having beside you….. I think I will do ?]

[ Please don’t casually present yourself in the momentum as a scapegoat, what’s with you appealing to me at the risk of your life !]

Between us presently we’re in the middle of a battle where we attack and defend from each other.

We are reciprocally smiling at each other, you know? At tea-break it only looks like we are smiling but that’s just on the surface.


You step back, delicate man. (Mizuki)

Human, you giving up is vital don’t you know? (Argento)

Inside the room there’s sensei and the knights and besides me, my enemy, the white knight is here….and there’s no sign of anyone wanting to stop him.

White knights yo, your captain is arbitrary bargaining with nobles and knights like they are chess pieces, are you fine with that ?

Sensei, please stop with that expression of someone who has resigned to face the consequences.

Knights…..I can see your frightened expressions turning my way, I wonder why you guys look like the most normal here ?

It’s quite irritating, this is a waste of time.

If talking doesn’t go through then using brute force is inevitable right.

Shall I? Shall I totally do it ?

It’s decided then I shall immediately execute it! Time is precious !

[No matter what you are going to say, I refuse. ……excuse me. ]

[ …..w! Wait, Mizuki…..i]

Sensei sensed the movement of my magical power, and even though it was in vain, tried to stop me.

The preparation for the activation was already over, so it was already too late.

I feel like Sensei is saying something, but whatever, let’s not mind it♪

Besides, nuisances are to be removed with force, sensei. Remember that with this arm I’ve sank the Dark squadron…..!

( Target • White knight, shock wave due to air compression set…….)

Target confirmed, *pachin*! The snapping of my finger resounded.


[ Wha…..!?]

[ What….the, hell…..]

The white knights were in agony from the abrupt impact.  I watched them holding their abdomens in distress, where they were injured.

Ooh, they didn’t lose consciousness. As expected they don’t have magical power but, they are élite!

The beauty’s expression is becoming one of suffering…..the cause of it, it’s me though.

I don’t feel like greeting you amiably so hurry up and leave already. You reap what you sow, don’t you think so too Messrs knights?


Gordon gazed at the door from which Mizuki has left and let out a deep sigh.

Actually, Gordon tried to stop Mizuki from attacking them for a completely different reason.

*Glance*, he turned and the knights still crouching in pain entered his sight.

Them not losing their consciousness was incredible, but the damage they received was big.

They won’t be able to stand for a while.


[ ……so this is her true strength……]

To the murmured voice that could be heard, Gordon reflexively averted his eyes.

[ It’s magnificent ….my ideal type…..! ]

With slightly flushed cheeks and a seemingly happy expression Argento faced the white knights.

If someone didn’t know of the situation they were in, they would see the face of love on the young man.

But one that knew of the circumstance would never arrive at that conclusion.

In reality this young man, has a considerably unique disposition.

It’s “I admire those that are stronger than me • I’ll be delighted to fight them” that itself is not strange at all, but “I’ll be delighted to fight and be hurt by those that are stronger than myself” that’s right that’s right, this fellow is that.

Rather it’s an already accepted truth.

In the country of Ilfena since the old days it was a normal occurrence for the royalty/ aristocrats  with great ability, (=weirdo) and was treated as a matter of fact.

The phrase ‘between Genius and Fool there’s a paper thin difference’ turned up to be proven like this, although a small country, it has always been prospering.

Now if you work in the Castle this became a matter of fact, but this truth is not known to civilians.

Because only their achievements have been told to the mass, generally it is not known that those great people are all eccentric.

Those white knights that are powerful people aren’t an exception, besides, they correspond in all aspects to inspectors.

There were various other people like that……Gordon’s mind that got taken far away, returned to reality.

The seemingly resurrected Argento suddenly grasped his arm.  Somehow his glittering eyes are scary.

[ Please permit me to go out with her, Gordon-dono!]

[…….I Think this is a problem between you and the person in question you know]

[ Thank you! From now on I’m going to give it my all]

I didn’t consent, I am not gonna give you my approval!?

Please just do it and leave me alone…….is what he wanted to say but stopped.

Such a woman who is able to win against this élite squad, how many women are there that would be able to pull it off?

Clearly “none” is the only answer. Rather she’ll think that she doesn’t need a man.

Even a magician has their limit and would be defeated if they doesn’t have enough time to chant a spell.

Because Mizuki doesn’t need to chant the boost is even in a close quarters fight.

The him  that finally found his ideal type of woman ( = sacrifice) would he really give up ?

…….impossible right, even if you used violence to reject him, he’ll be but delighted by it.

( I’m sorry…… .I should have told you from the beginning)

Gordon silently apologize to Mizuki. It was really unfortunate that she suited the taste of that weirdo.

Moreover even in the case that the guy was somewhat decent, he’ll be nothing but a bother for her.

Meanwhile, the knights fainted, shocked by the impact of the reality that they have completely forgot.

It looked like the knights were unexpectedly raised by a normal household ( = ordinary people )

TN: Naoriel

ED: Higureryu




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